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How Cotton Club Canada Works

It is simple. Pick your style and leave the rest to us!

Cotton Club Canada is a premium sock and underwear club. By becoming a member, you will receive 1 pair of premium men’s underwear and 1 pair of stylish men’s dress socks every month. You have the option of choosing between a classic style (more greys and blacks, less designs on the socks) and a modern style (brighter colors, more creative sock designs).

You will be relying on us to choose the exact items that you get, but you can rest assured they will be of utmost quality and style. We are partnered with high end suppliers of men’s wear, to ensure you get the best quality of products every time.

There is absolutely no commitment to join Cotton Club Canada and you can customize the frequency of your subscription. For example, if you’d only like to receive a package every other month, or 2 every 3 months, or just like to try us for a few months, no problem! Just describe how you’d like to do it in the comments section when you order and we’ll make it happen. You’ll only be charged of course for the months in which you receive a package from us.

If you have any other questions or requests, we can always be reached at