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About Cotton Club Canada

Two guys one simple vision

Cotton Club Canada was started in 2015 by a couple of guys who were looking for a way to spend more time on the golf course and drinking scotch. Shopping for underwear and socks wasn’t something that a significant amount of time was spent on, but we were both a little tired of having to spend time explaining to our wives, girlfriends and co-workers why our socks sucked, or when the last time we bought underwear was.

Cotton Club Canada was born. Now there is a way for the modern gentleman to have in style, ultra comfortable, premium socks and underwear delivered monthly to their door. I now receive daily compliments on my socks in the office, and my girlfriend is moderately happier. Both huge wins.

We wanted this business to be about a lifestyle, where men’s time is spent doing more of what they love and less of what they have to do. We also wanted to do something small to give back to our communities, but have always made excuses to find time and an appropriate way to do so. Growing up in Canada we know how important it is to stay warm, especially during the winter months.

During a casual conversation over the holidays it was brought to our attention that socks and underwear were two of the least donated items to homeless shelters. We decided that for every new member who signs up, we will donate one pair of underwear and socks to a local homeless shelter. We will also donate one pair of socks for every new follower on our facebook and instagram pages. We are hoping to get more involved with helping the homeless as this business grows, and hope that this small act will at least start to raise more awareness for the homeless and keep a few butts warm.

If you have any questions, concerns or would just like to grab a drink, please feel free to email us at info@cottonclubcanada.ca.

Cam & Dave